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Tuesday, 11 June 2024, 11.59pm

Boxed Qurban (Sheep)


Qurban Australia Process

  • For Qurban Rites in Australia, we will do the slaughtering, skinning and butchering of the animal in a halal approved abattoir.
  • The process will be inspected by our representative.
  • The cut meat will be flown to Singapore.
  • You can select balance meat to be donated to Gaza or Singapore Charities

More Info

  • Weight of meat flown back to Singapore: 15kg-20kg (including bones)
  • Slaughtering of Qurban Animals: 17 – 20 June 2024
  • Deliver Qurban meat to Participants: From 20 June 2024
  • Email Certificate of Qurban: By 17 July 2024
  • Email Pictures of Qurban Distribution in Palestine: By November 2024
  • For Qurban Distribution in Palestine: You can only choose to receive 1/3 or None portion of meat

The shipment will be sent to Ashdod port in Israel to be delivered to Gaza. In case this is not possible due to conflict or closure the meat will be distributed to Palestinians in the Occupied territories. If that is not possible also then it will be diverted to Palestinian refugees in Jordan.

*Prices are inclusive of delivery to your doorstep.
*Due to Australian regulations, pictures of before or after slaughter cannot be taken in the abattoir.

*Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

Checkout Instructions

  • You may enter more than one name for Qurban. Eg: Muhammad Ridhwan & Family
  • For more than one livestock:
    • Enter "Name of Participant", then "Add to Cart".
    • "Add More Order" to add another name.
    • Repeat as necessary.

Terms and Conditions

  1. I commission to perform Ibadah Qurban on the Name of the Participant for the sake of Allah Ta’ala.⁠
  2. will email me the Tax Invoice within 1 - 3 working days of payment.
  3. ⁠There will be no refunds once payment is made.

Out of stock

How and where will the slaughtering take place?
The Sheep will be slaughtered in Australia in an approved, halal abattoir & the meat carcass packed for shipment to Singapore.

When will the slaughtering take place?
It will take place on the Eid day and the 3 Tasyrik days. 17 - 20 June 2024.

Will the Sohibul Qurban (Participant) be informed of the completion of his/her Qurban?
Yes. We will send an email after the Qurban is completed.

Can I have any pictures or videos of the Qurban slaughtering?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide any pictures or videos of the slaughtering process as it is not allowed.

Will I receive any certificates for the Australian Qurban?
Yes an E certificate will be provided. For an additional $2, you can opt for the physical Certificate of Qurban.

Will I receive the body parts such as liver, head, tongue etc together with my meat?
No. You will only receive the meat carcass.

How is the meat sent to Singapore?
The chilled Qurban meat is sent by Airfreight to Singapore.

What happens when the shipment arrives in Singapore?
The Vendor will clear the shipment through the customs & send it to an approved cold room for inspection by SFA. The meat is then cut into regular sizes before delivery to Mosques, Organisations &/or Qurban participants.

When will I receive the meat?
The home delivery will take place from 20 June 2024.

Will I be informed prior to my delivery date?
Yes. You will be informed via email at least 1 day before the delivery.

What is the amount of meat I will receive?
If you opt to take 1/3 it will be around 5-6kg, if 2/3 it will be around 10-12kg. If you opt to take all it will be around 15-17kg.

How will I receive the meat?
You will receive the meat in a cooler bag.

What happens if I am not there to receive the Qurban meat at the allocated date and time?
If you are unavailable on the scheduled date and time at your selected delivery address, you can ask the delivery personnel to leave the bag outside your house or with your neighbour. You can also make arrangements with the delivery company to arrange for another delivery date at an extra cost of $10 per sheep.

If I opt to take only a portion of my Qurban meat what will happen to the donated meat?
It will be distributed within the community to the needy families, zakat recipients, social service homes in collaboration with Masjids, NGOs or Charities.

When is the closing date?
The closing date for orders is 9 June 2024 (We may close earlier if our orders reach our maximum limit).


Some media of our past Qurban in Australia.