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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do Qurban for a loved one who has passed on?

Yes, we can offer Qurban for someone who has passed away.

Many scholars from the Hanafi, Maliki and Hambali Mazhab allow it. In accordance with what the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) did, He sacrificed two goats, the first for himself and the second for His people who have not performed Qurban.

The Mazhab of al-Shafi’i does not allow it.

2. When will my Qurban be carried out? Will I be informed once it is carried out?

Slaughter dates: Between 10 July 2022 to 13 July 2022

*10 Zulhijjah falls on 10 July 2022 in Singapore and 11 July 2022 in some other countries.

It will be carried out between 10 to 13 of Zulhijjah. The first slaughter will be performed after Solat Eiduladha and the last slaughter, before Maghrib of the last Tashrik day (13 Zulhijjah). 

We will send an email to all Qurban participants whose Qurban was performed at the end of each day. Example, if your Qurban is performed on 13 July, you will only receive an email at the end of the day on 13 July.

3. When will I get my Certificate of Qurban and Before After Photo?

It will be sent to the email or postal address you provided during registration around one month after Qurban which will be by 30 August 2022. You may specify your preferred method of receiving it during registration.

4. Must I Aqiqah 2 sheep for a son?

It is a Sunnah of our Prophet Sollallahu ‘alaihi wasallam to Aqiqah 2 goats for a son. However, if you wish to Aqiqah 1 goat first and another 1 at another time, this is also possible.

5. My child is grown up already. Can I still do Aqiqah for him/her?

Aqiqah can be done for the child even if it is after many years.
Do also refer to Asatizah who are proficient in Fiqh.

6. Can I put more than one name for Qurban?

Yes, you can. Ibn al Qoyyim said in Zaadul Ma’ad:
“Among the Sunnah of Rasulullah (pbuh) is that the Qurban of a goat can be for a person and his family even though they are in great numbers” as mentioned by a hadith by Atha ibn Yasar from Abu Ayyub Al-Anshari.

As there is a limited space for us to print on the placard to be displayed during Qurban, you may consider entering, example: Zulqarnain and Family.

7. Is there a difference between a goat and a sheep?

Yes, a goat has straight hair while a sheep has thick curly fur. Another way to visually tell the difference between a sheep and a goat is their tail: A goat’s tail typically points up, whereas a sheep’s tail hangs down. Another obvious difference is a sheep’s woolly coat that requires annual shearing. While there are long-haired goats, most have short, coarse coats, often with varying sizes of beards, which sheep do not have. Lastly, the great majority of goats have varying sized horns, but very few sheep have any, and if they do, they are thick and curl around the sides of their heads. A goat’s horns are typically thin and straight.

(For Australia) 8. Does the process of slaughtering include mentioning of my name for the Qurban?

It will be carried out in a halal abattoir in Perth and Melbourne. Our Muslim representative will read out the participant’s name before slaughter.

(For Australia) 9. Do I get the meat of the sheep that was slaughtered for me or is it random?

Each sheep will be tagged with a number and this will be in sequence with our slaughter list. Based on this, we will deliver the meat to you.

(For Australia) 10. If I choose to donate a portion of the meat, which charitable institution will the meat be given to?

It will not be given to a specific institution in particular. Our partner will distribute to 2 groups of people in Singapore
a. A list of the needy they have in their database
b. Any Muslim charitable organisation

(For Australia) 11. What will happen to the organs of the Qurban livestock? Can we request to have the liver with the meat to be shipped to Singapore?

The internal organs will be discarded and will not be shipped back to Singapore.

(For Australia) 12. How will the meat be cut?

It will be cut into smaller pieces of around 10 per kilogram.

13. Is there a difference between a cow and a bull?

Yes, a cow is female and has given birth to at least one or two calves. A bull is male and used for breeding purposes.

14. Will my Ibadah Qurban be nullified if I cut my hair, or hair on any part of my body, or fingernails after I have set the intention to perform the Ibadah Qurban? When can I do so?

No, your Ibadah Qurban will not be nullified.

For those who have set their intention to perform their Ibadah Qurban, it is a Sunnah upon them not to cut hair, or hair on any part of my body, or fingernails starting from 1 Zulhijjah until their Ibadah Qurban is carried out.

According to the Islamic scholars, this prohibition is a Sunnah and not Wajib. This means that if it is observed, the Ibadah Qurban will be more complete. However, if it is not observed, the Ibadah Qurban is still valid.

15. When must I proclaim the intention for the Ibadah Qurban? What is the statement for me to proclaim?

When you are registering and making payment for your Ibadah Qurban, this is considered as an act of intent to perform the Ibadah Qurban. This is because proclaiming the intention is not one of the conditions for Qurban. However, if you still wish to do the proclamation, you can do this at any time before the registration by saying, “I am doing this Ibadah Qurban because of Allah Ta’ala.”

16. In the event that our parents were not able to carry out aqiqah previously, are we able to carry out qurban or should aqiqah be carried out beforehand?

It is advisable to carry out Aqiqah before Qurban. Both Aqiqah and Qurban is Sunnah. However Aqiqah is carried out once in a lifetime, whereas Qurban can be carried out every year. 

Ensure that the right package is selected as the price of Aqiqah is higher as compared to Qurban. The slaughtered Aqiqah meat will be cooked before distributed to the relevant recipient.

17. What is the difference between Qurban and Aqiqah?

The difference between Qurban and Aqiqah is the occurrence of the ibadah. Qurban is only done during the Hajj period, whereas Aqiqah is only done once in a lifetime upon the birth of a child.

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