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Live Qurban or Boxed Qurban

May 17, 2024

What is Boxed Qurban?
Or What is Live Qurban?

Do you know the difference between above?

The following Qurban activities involves Australian Sheep and both are delivered in Singapore.

So what’s the difference?

Boxed Qurban
  • Slaughter of sheep for Qurban takes place on Eidul Adha at designated abattoirs in Australia.
  • Sohibul (individuals performing Qurban) cannot witness the slaughter, which is observed by officials, including MUIS officers sent annually.
  • Sohibul may opt to receive all the meat or donate part to charities in Singapore or Gaza.
  • Meat destined for Gaza is separated and boxed in Australia.
  • Meat is boxed and chilled or freeze-blasted before transport to Singapore.
  • Upon arrival to Singapore, Boxed Qurban meat is processed and divided for Sohibul and local charities.
  • Sohibul receives their portion of the meat at their doorstep one or two weeks after Eidul Adha.
Live Qurban
  • Live sheep are flown into Singapore a few days before Eidul Adha.
  • The sheep are slaughtered for Qurban on Eidul Adha at designated locations in Singapore.
  • Sohibul (the person performing Qurban) can witness the slaughter process.
  • Sohibul receives the meat from the slaughtered animals and can opt to donate some or all of it.
  • Sohibul may request specific organs from the sheep.
  • Sohibul can apply to volunteer as a slaughterman but must undergo training.
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